1.Owning a Car is Not Necessary

If living in a large metropolitan area, surrounded by trains, subways, buses and other transportation around the community, owning a ride can be a bit needless. So, if you need a car occasionally, no need to own one; you can always hire a car that will take you on your trips.

2. Avoid Annoying Car Maintenance Fees

Most car and truck owners do not enjoy doing car maintenance, let alone paying someone else to do it on their automobile. If the maintenance is not kept up to date, then catastrophic failure can occur resulting in loss of use of the car while it is getting fixed and a potentially large garage bill. A big advantage of rental cars is that the consumer does not have to worry about getting maintenance completed on the vehicle. The car rental agency takes care of all maintenance in between clients, so the consumer only needs to worry about putting gas in the vehicle. For those that rent vehicles over a longer period of time, the car rental agency will normally provide a timeframe to bring the car in for service or to exchange it with another vehicle that has its maintenance up to date.

3. Large Variety of Automobile Types

A big advantage of renting a car is that most major car rental agencies will offer a large range of cars for you to choose from for the rental period. These options typically range from small, economic hatchbacks to some of the largest SUVs and crossovers on the market. No matter what your specific needs are, the rental agency will typically be able to help you find a vehicle that is the best fit for your needs for the desired rental period. In most major cities, if one company does not have the inventory available, you will be able to find the vehicle through one of the other major agencies in the desired location. Although most agencies default to offering cars and trucks with an automatic transmission, if you desire a vehicle with a manual, there will be some choice from the car rental agency’s fleet of vehicles to help fit your needs.

4. Enjoy Long-Term Rental Benefits

Many major car rental agencies offer consumers additional benefits when it comes to long-term rentals. Each company will have their own threshold when it comes to how many days are required before qualifying for long-term discounts on the car rental. To enjoy the most benefit from this type of car rental contract, you will also want to consider signing up for the rewards or benefits program that is specific to the agency that you are using for the rental period. This will also put you in a better position to negotiate your contract with the company within the bounds of what the company will allow their local managers to do when it comes to the overall price of the vehicle. Each of the companies will also have special offers that come up over the year that deliver big benefits when it comes to saving money for your rental car.

5. Rental Car Deliver Location

Although all rental car agencies offer a variety of locations that you can pick up a car throughout the desired town or city, many provide the option of having the car brought to your location. This feature can prove to be a big advantage for consumers who find themselves in a position of losing access to their vehicle for an unplanned reason like having their car in the shop or another family member needing to use the vehicle. Instead of having to get a ride to the rental company or hiring a taxi, renting a car from a company who will bring it to your desired location in the local area can save one both time and money. Not every major rental car company offers this feature; however, so make sure that you do your homework before making final arrangements for your car rental.

6. Get the Perfect Vehicle for the Occasion

An advantage of rental cars is that one can rent the perfect vehicle for just about any special occasion. Whether you need a minivan to help take all of your kids and their friends to a special trip or camping, or a more exotic car to help make a special day that much more special, getting a rental car for the occasion will help save money in the long haul. Many consumers do not find it financially viable to purchase a specialty car for their daily driver. By relying on a rental agency to help fill this need, you will be able to make the most of your special occasion without incurring the long term debt or responsibility that buying the niche automobile would entail

7. Don’t Worry about Break-Downs

Although most major car rental agencies keep their fleet of autos in excellent condition, customers generally do not need to worry about your rental vehicle if it breaks down. In the event you do suffer a break-down, all major car rental agencies will provide you with instructions on who to call to assist. If the car cannot be repaired in a short timeframe, the agency will provide you with another car at no extra charge. This helps give customers the peace of mind that they can rely on the agency to take care of any unplanned issues that may arise during the timeframe of their rental contract.